And The Push For A Wedding Begins.....

October 29, 2011

While Boo Thang and I were living in Oxford, we had a good bit of pressure from my extended family to go on ahead and get married. Most of it came from the fact that we were living together. My family is really old fashioned in that way. My pastor at the time even sat us both down when my mom went into hospice care and told us how we needed to get married before my mom died. My mom was NOT going!!! She really didn't want us to rush things because of her and gave Jay her blessing for whenever we were ready. We decided at that point that we would work at our own pace and not let outside pressure influence us. We were under the impression that our move closer to his family would erase that element from our relationship. WRONG!!!! 

Boo Thang has a second cousin who has been deemed nuttier than squirrel shit is a little on the strange side. Apparently this woman (who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet) and Boo Thang's mama have been communicating on the phone a pretty good bit about me, him and our relationship track. One day after we had been out all day, there was a BIG package waiting at home for me. I opened it up to reveal a box that says David's Bridal on the front. In my mind I'm going "please don't let this be a dress, please don't let this be a dress!" It's a wedding dress. *sighs* Inside the dress box is a letter that reads:

Dear Kat,

This is [name omitted]. I know that you don't know me but I have heard a lot about you and your relationship with Boo Thang. I want to do something to help you guys out. The Lord led me to pick out this wedding dress for you. I felt the spirit of your mother and grandmother leading me to this particular dress and I know that they are pleased and smiling down on you. This is my gift to you, you don't owe me anything….BUT you have to use this dress by November 17th! I am excited to attend your upcoming wedding.

[Name Omitted]

WTF?!?! WHO BUYS A WOMAN A WEDDING DRESS?!?!?!?! Furthermore who buys someone a dress with stipulations. My natural reaction to that letter was to laugh. Boo Thang's was to snap off….hard. He said, "she means November 17th….of this year….as in next month? Oh hell naw!!" To add insult to injury, this dress is hideous not the wedding dress for me. It doesn't fit and Boo Thang has seen me in it. So even if I liked it, I couldn't use it. I'm superstitious like that. He's slightly pissed at his mom for not stopping this in it’s tracks. My thoughts are "dang…here we go again!"

With me getting a job (still turning cartwheels over that) we are closer to that. We refused to get married still having to ask our parents for basic living needs….or still living in his mom's house. People don't seem to understand exactly what our plans are. We are heading that way….but can we PLEASE make some money. What I want to say to all parties involved is:

IF YOU WANT US TO GET MARRIED SO BAD, PAY FOR IT!!!!! I AM NOT HAVING A COURTHOUSE WEDDING… do you still want us to rush now? Thought so. Oh and that down payment on a new place….we're gonna need that too. *rolls eyes* 


Irendi said... sorry they're rushing you into something that you know you aren't ready to do. I have no clue what I'd say to his family member (knowing me, nothing because I can have a really horrible temper sometimes and I hate to step on toes), but I hope he *kindly* put them in their place. You will make the next step when you're ready, I'm sure.

Oh!!! I think I forgot to tell you when I read about the job offer----- CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to mail you a can of whoop a$$ to open up on her.

That she bought you a wedding dress, put not one but two stipulations on it (when to use it and that she must be in attendance), invoked the name of your mother and grandmother and called God in on it shows she is drunk on crazy juice.

Lord, I have had one too many brushes with crazy today to offer good advice on this one. Wait until tomorrow and I'll come up with something truly diabolical.

Moe said...

My mouth is still hanging open off the whole "yo mama and grandma line" along with the expiration date, as if u will be a stepdaughter maid forever or Boo Thang will turn into a toad if u don't use it by Nov 17. #toomuchdisney

Vernadette said...

I read this with my eyes bucked! Can you say CRAZY!!! I don't know if I could have contained my anger! btw I miss you "twitter bud!"

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