Music Therapy: I Don't Like Her....I'm A Hater

October 30, 2011

Getting from point A to point B in my new city, I'm able to listen to 3 different black radio stations. This is a far cry from living in Oxford where there was only one black radio station…..located in Memphis….where you had to hope a clear day would pick up that signal from an hour away. So I've been  living it up.

There is this one song that comes on and leaves me with lots of thoughts EVERY TIME it comes on…..which is oddly not a lot. It's called Hater by Miranda Brooke. This goes on my list as the most honest song sung by a woman of all time. Well maybe of just 2011. Sometimes when we go through a breakup, women put on a fa├žade. We are thinking about the man. We are just fine without the man. We don't care who he goes out with next. Yea, right!!! I can honestly say that I have felt just like Miranda Brooke. And this song makes me feel feelings like I'm going through that right now….and my relationship is fine!


Now she gets the best of you
While the rest of you is left back with me
She don't have a clue just what to do with you

I don't like her
I'm a hater
You're in love, I'm alone
It's not fair.
She gets the good guy
I got the player
So I don't like her
I'm a hater

Have any of you felt this way? Be honest.

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