I Have Moved!!!!

August 22, 2013

I have been havng MAJOR issues with my blog....of the RSS variety. I can't fix the code. Nothing works and I'm tired of trying. So I moved. Follow me on over to the new spot.


Things Are Changing

June 22, 2013

Last night was the last night that I will work the second shift. *praise dances* It is a blessing sometimes to not have to go in til 12:15, but getting off after 9 at night was starting to get old. FAST. But I paid my dues. After 18 whole months, I finally get an 8:30 to 5:30 shift. It will be wonderful to get off work when the sun is still out. The only drawback is now I have to work on Saturdays. I am going to miss my old team. We were truly like a family. I bonded with that supervisor and that group of people more than I have with anyone else I have EVER worked with. Glad that I am taking one of my teammates with me. Makes the transition smoother. 

I am just happy to get some healthier eating habits. Eating large dinners at dang near 10 at night then going to bed has NOT been nice to my frame. I think my mental head space will be better in my relationship. We will go to work at the same time and get off....kinda around the same time. So we'll have more time to spend together. His sleep patterns are bad because he wants to be up when I'm up....but I'll be quick to sleep....and an argument happens. (Thank God I can eliminate that. When I'm sleepy, I go to sleep....Boo Thang, however....) This also sets it up very nicely for me to start bar prep classes in the spring. I can be off work and ready for night classes. 

I have been praying for this for a while so I am definitely thanking God for these changes. I hope they are for the best. 

Wordless Wednesday 5-29-13

May 29, 2013

from arthlete.tumblr.com

In Search of Fulfillment

May 27, 2013

Last Monday was my first day back at work after my second eye surgery. (Sounds like deja vu, doesn't it?) I swear that Sunday night I had butterflies out of this world and my sleep was restless and fitful. This is totally not good. I had a 3 day weekend and I am experiencing the same symptoms. This is NOT good. I've been working for this communications company for a year and 5 months.
The pay is good and with commission, I bring in good money. I love my co-workers. HOWEVER, the cubicle life is leaving me wanting so much more. The stress of the job almost isn't worth the money. My shift sucks (although I can't complain about that anymore since I do get a new one starting in exactly a month.) I have so much stress and anxiety before my shift starts. It usually passes once I get there, but it shouldn't be like that. I NEED AND CRAVE fulfillment in my job and life.

It's not just the job. I just need something different. I need to do something that makes me feel like I am doing something that matters....whether or not I get paid for it. It's time to re-examine the bar exam. For real. One more go at it. Outside of the state of Mississippi. I sat that dream on the shelf because it was taking too long. That wasn't fair to myself. Something has got to give.

Thinking About Mothers....

May 15, 2013

Okay, I know this is a late post, but it takes me a minute to sort out all of my feelings about Mother's Day as the year go by. 

This marked the second Mother's Day without my mom and almost three years since she passed. It does get easier a little everyday, but I REALLY miss my mom.
Me and Mama; Baby Gerry's footprints
She was my best friend, more like sisters after I turned 18 than that strained mother-daughter relationship that a lot of women have. Every year around this time is hard for me. She passed in June, so next month will be tough as well. 

This year was especially hard for me because this would have been my first Mother's Day. For those that are new, I lost my firstborn son at 23 weeks last September  I never knew that there would be so much of a grieving process for someone that you never met BUT THERE IS. Every time I think that I have gone through the healing process, it comes right back up. Boo Thang, of course, anticipated all of this. He bought me Mother's Day gifts.
Who doesn't love gifts to brighten your day?
His sister did as well. They did a good job of keeping me in tears all Sunday. It feels good to still be considered as a mother. Boo Thang said, "just because he died, it doesn't erase the memory....it doesn't mean that it didn't happen." I've been learning through my support group that losing your child doesn't mean you aren't a mother. It's nice to hear it from those you love. So Mother's Day wasn't bad after all. It actually was a great and beautiful day. 

How did you spend your day?

Random Acts of Kindness and Charity

May 8, 2013

Last night, Boo Thang and I went to Starbucks for a late night frappucino (I'm so spoiled). When we were leaving out of the store, Boo Thang was approached by a young guy. I went and got in the car....as I always do because this could take a while (Boo Thang can chat!). I was noticing that this guy was limping and he had a woman and a little baby with him. After Boo Thang gets in the car, the nosiness takes over and I ask what was up with the guy. Apparently, the guy and his little family just moved here looking for a new opportunity and were living in a hotel. Their money was running out and they were about to get put out of their room that night. He didn't even want cash. He was perfectly content to have someone just go and put money on the room. Now I'm hearing this story as Boo Thang is driving out of the parking lot!!! 

I just wasn't going to feel right in my spirit if that little baby was not going to have a place to sleep and these folks were walking around metro Jackson after dark. I made Boo Thang turn around and go get them!! It was almost $60 for the room, but that is a small price to pay for someone else's safety for the night. I said a little prayer as they piled in the car. We are really softhearted people and this has gotten us into sticky situations before, so I just had to trust that I was doing the right thing. It just felt really good to help them. To feel like I had made a difference even for 24 hours. 

Boo Thang gets to work this morning to tell this story to his co-workers...not in a bragging way, but in a "y'all won't believe what happened last night" way. He just called me and let me know that his office has taken it upon themselves to adopt this family because I made him turn around. They have each given one more night in the hotel. They are getting together clothes and going to buy food and toiletries. According to him, they have forgotten they have have a business to run, lol. He said  "this is the reason why I love you." *blushes* I can't take any credit for this. I just did what I would hope folks would do for me. I'm just proud to know that one random act of kindness turned into so much. I wish them well. 

Deja Vu

May 6, 2013

It's been a moment since I've posted. I went back to work after my retinal detachment surgery and was getting acclimated to my surroundings and handling customers again. However, the evening of April 28, I started noticing wavy lines in my field of vision. I got nervous but prayed for the best. When I woke up that Monday, my vision was noticeably cloudy. By two in the afternoon, I couldn't see a thing out of that left eye.
from strategicstoryteller.com
Of course I feared the worst. I was already at work so I worked my whole shift (which my supervisor thought that I was crazy for doing). I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Diagnosis: traction retinal detachment in my left eye. This was caused by scar tissue that developed from the first surgery that was pulling the retina loose. It wasn't a complete detachment, my vision was obstructed by fluid. So here we are again.

I had surgery on Friday morning to re-repair the retina. Because the retina in my right eye had some weak spots in it, my ophthalmologist did some laser surgery on it too. The last thing I need is for this to happen in this eye too. They filled my eye with silicone oil, which is kinda like putting a pin in broken bone to help it heal. The down side is that I have to have a THIRD surgery in 3 months to take this oil back out. So I'm at home again on short term disability. I possibly caused this by going back to work too fast to stare at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day. I'm going to be a good little patient and take my recovery slow and steady this time. The good news is that I don't have to use any more of my personal leave this time because this ties back to the original disability claim. *happy dances* I just have to sit tight, rest and take it easy. Easier said than done....

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

April 15, 2013

Today was my first day back at work since the surgery. 2 things....
  1. Mondays are awful days to go back to work after a leave of absence. 
  2. It's bright as all hell inside my office!!

I don't ever remember it being that bright before. I guess it has every thing to do with having to dilate my eyes twice a day. I'm literally sitting at my cubicle for 30 minutes at a time with the cataract shades on looking like Ray Charles. A co-worker told me "I'd rather look like him than be him..." Touche. 

I'm at work....however my personnel number is still inactive. Somebody better fix this before the end of the pay period. I worked all day. I need every bit of my $137.12. (yep....every dime).

I thought I missed work while I was out because I was SO bored. Turns out I didn't miss my job at all. In fact, I had butterflies in my stomach from the time my alarm went off...and not the good kind. It's about that time to get some new responsibilities. I'm not very good with repetition and monotony, so I'm getting antsy. Praying for new possibilities. 

Time To Give Thanks

April 11, 2013

Today I am linking up with Michelle from Divas With A Purpose on Thankful Thursday. At a time where I find SO many things to complain about I guess I do need to sit down and think about the things that I am truly grateful for and the things I am blessed to have.

  1. I am thankful for my eye surgery. Not only did I need to get that detached retina fixed, this afforded me a 2 week FMLA break from my job....which was well needed because I was feeling stuck. 
  2. I am thankful for having such an understanding and caring boyfriend. I give thanks for him a lot because he's my best friend. I really don't know what I would do without him. 
  3. I am thankful for this job, because even though I am not that fond of it right now, it allows me to do things that I haven't been able to in a long while. 
  4. I am thankful for family. We don't always see eye to eye, but I love the fact that I can count on them at a moment's notice. 
What are you guys thankful for?

I Hate The IRS....

April 10, 2013

Exactly!!!! (From homeschoolcpa.com)

Okay so I really don't hate the IRS. Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited til last night to file my tax returns. Found out that I actually OWE money. FEDERAL AND STATE. This sucks monkey balls. It's not much in the grand scheme of things...a total of $300, it just happens to be a huge inconvenience  Which is totally my fault. I tried to break even on my taxes and not get a refund and ended up staying tax exempt a little too long. Lesson learned!!! It's still hard not to be a little pissed. The older I get, the more I realized how much I get nickle and dimed for my paycheck. Then my commissions get taxed more than my base pay....THAT'S that ish I don't llike. 

I need to get a child or something.....LOL!!

Monday Randoms

April 8, 2013

1. I was going through my Feedly and came across this blog post from Luvvie.  I saw the Celebrity Wife Swap episode that had Coolio in it and I roasted him out loud by myself the whole time he was on my screen. To read somebody else do it was PURE HILARITY!!!! I laughed so hard I woke up Boo Thang. I laugh when I think about this article. PLEASE go follow her blog. You will not regret it. 

2. I had a follow-up appointment with my opthamologist yesterday. The eye seems to be healing really well and the vision is starting to come back!! *Snoopy dances* HOWEVER, I am suffering from the worst headaches and eye strain imaginable. 30 minutes of computer time and/or TV is all i can do before headaches of migraine proportion start to happen. So....not ready to go back to work and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day yet. Next Monday for sure. 

3. My supervisor and my best gal work pals all texted me at the same time last night at the end of the shift. I felt loved. I miss them....not necessarily the stress of the job. Definitely the people. 
4. There is someone who I thought I was developing a friendship with that is quickly turning into a frenemy. I don't like those. Her competition with me is one sided. Her shade is irritating. *sighs*

5. It's spring in Mississippi....for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Well today is more like early summer. It's 75 degrees. I hope this is going to be the trend because my sinuses can bear another temperature drop. 

You Said WHAT Was Wrong With My Eye?!?!?!?

April 4, 2013

Anybody who knows me even a little bit knows that I am blind as a bat visually impaired to a certain extent. I've been wearing glasses since since I was 6 years old...so that says a lot. I haven't been to an optometrist in  about 2 years mostly because I didn't have insurance and my vision hasn't worsened in the last 6 years. Then I got pregnant. What To Expect While You're Expecting said that I probably shouldn't get new glasses during that time because the hormones will make your vision change. That book was like a Bible, so I didn't go. I should have. My vision had started to change around that time. Fuzziness, floaters, bright flashes of light in my left eye. It was abnormal, but not anything that I worried about at that time.....until I started to actually lose my vision. I woke up one day and realized that I was losing my central vision. So of course I went to the optometrist. 

That was the LONGEST appointment EVER!!! She basically told me then that I had a detached retina in my left eye and that the way it was detached I was at risk for permanent vision loss. I was at risk for this all along because of how nearsighted I am. [NOTE: It was at this moment that I made up my mind that I was done with doctors because EVERY TIME I go in for something I think is routine, it ends up in a Defcon 1 situation] Since this was now a medical emergency, I had to go to an ophthalmologist and go over surgery options. *sighs* Of course I was worried about not being able to see, but the grown-up in me was remembering that I hadn't met my deductible yet. So the surgery was set for Monday and all went well according to my doctor. There is a gas bubble in my eye, so It looks like I'm underwater in that eye. But I can already tell the difference. I can't see clearly, but I can see light and brightness....which I couldn't do last week. It all looked like I had on rose-colored glasses. It won't be for another 2 weeks until we should be able to tell how much of my vision could be saved. I'm optimistic though. Once this heals I have to get some laser surgery done in my right eye to prevent this from happening in my right eye. Because I know the symptoms, I won't wait dang near a year from the tear. 

This more annoying than painful. I can't watch TV or be on the computer for more than about 30 minutes before I have get a headache. But I do get a vacation from work...which is always a plus!!

The Re-Launch!!!

April 2, 2013

And we're back!!!!! Today is the day that I re-launch The Southern Diva Chronicles. The purpose for the blog will remain primarily the same. More of my personal journey, rants, raves and reviews. Coming soon will be a weekly v-log. Thanks so much to Christina with Visual Luxe for the lovely new blog design! Stay tuned for more!!!

Review: A Perfect Holiday Fling

January 6, 2013

A Perfect Holiday Fling
A Perfect Holiday Fling by Farrah Rochon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For a novella, this book was jam packed with lovey dovey goodness. I want to know more about Callie and Stefan. I need to read some prequels about what brought them to this point and what happens next. This author really has a way of grabbing your attention and making you care about the characters.

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