Daddy Issues Much?

June 20, 2011

Graduation 2005. Crazy how I don't have a picture with me and my dad alone. 
Yesterday was Father's Day. Due to the busyness of the day, I wasn't able to post like I wanted to. What I was able to do was check into Facebook and Twitter periodically.  Why did I do that? From the moment I woke up, (yea….I check Twitter as soon as I roll over and reach for my phone) I saw all manner of fuckery a timeline filled with daddy issues. Instead of "Happy Father's Day" tweets, I saw single mothers demanding to be congratulated on that day. I saw people man bashing. I saw deadbeat dad tweets. The trending topic #ilovemydadeventhough made a brief reappearance. WTH?

I applaud single mothers. I think that they are wonderful for doing everything that need to do to raise children on their own. HOWEVER Father's Day doesn't have anything to do with them. Mother's Day was last month. Take Father's Day as a way to remember your dad if he was around or to pay tribute to a father figure. Don't man bash. Don't emasculate. Hell wish your friend that IS a good dad well wishes. All this bitterness has to stop. Who you have sex with is 100% under your control. Truth be told, that man showed all the deadbeat signs BEFORE he got you pregnant. It's done now though. Love your children and leave the bitterness alone. It doesn’t help them out in the least. And if your father wasn't around….look at this as the perfect opportunity to make sure that doesn't become a generational curse. *steps off soapbox*

Now I have a documented issue with my dad right now……but he's still my dad. He's not perfect, but he was always there and I'm sure that he's doing the best he knows how. I've always been a Daddy's girl. So I wouldn’t let anything take away from HIS holiday. I let the issues rest for the day and paid tribute to him. I got up and took him a card after church. Also went to eat lunch with him and F.S.M. (Now honestly folks….I was doing the most today because all of this was EXTRA. He got one. Not doing it again unless someone else initiates it.) It actually was a decent day. No drama at all….and that works for me. 


Dr. Cassandra Hawkins said...

So I am slow...not sure what F.S.M. is but I have an guess... gonna leave that alone! I did wish people I knew Happy Father's Day. I even let my ex get a Happy Father's Day text. Glad you are a "big girl" and did the right thing! Doing right always just feels better IMO.

Kathryn said...

F.S.M. is future stepmother lol. It was the weirdest thing. But it feels good to finally be the one trying. Someone had to move.

Dr. Cassandra Hawkins said...

Ha! I thought that was what it meant! Well good for yOU!!

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