April's Happy Black Girl Day!

April 13, 2011

Happy Black Girl Day!!!! I normally look forward to this every month because it is a chance to be absolutely positive about being a black woman. However, today is not quite a positive day for me. It's been hit or miss for two weeks, lol. That's why I have been absent. (Still working on this. Finding the balance has been hard.) I read Sister Toldja's HBGD post and realized that she was going through the EXACT same thing. Hooray for sisters in the struggle! Her post talks about the 5 things that she is most grateful for. I am going to follow her lead and do the same because I need to cheer myself up.

1. The boo thing: He is my rock in this time of trial and tribulation. If he wasn't here every step of the way with me, I wouldn't be this calm (....if calm was even a word that could describe me right now). He is the only person that really and truly understands me and I am grateful for that.

2. Life: This sounds like a PC answer, but I am really grateful for my life right now. I have done a NUMBER on my body the last 10 months or so. Pre-hypertensive, hypoglycemic, iron deficiency.....a 30 pound weight gain. Yet, I am still here trying to get this under control.

3. Friends: Real and digital. These people keep me from going insane on a daily basis. I am glad that I always have someone to talk to and to bounce my many ideas on.

4. The Internet: Job hunting and entertainment would be much more different without it. My cable and internet went out for 16 hours a couple weeks ago and I damn near went insane. Amazing how much I need the internet to live.

5. My Apartment: As much as I complain about my neighbors, the neighborhood and the management, I am really glad that I have a roof over my head that is paid for until I get my life together. I will be tons more grateful in July when I move.

So this is my Happy Black Girl grateful train. What are you grateful for?
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