Music Review: Chris Brown's F.A.M.E.

March 24, 2011

As I stated in yesterday's post, I am a Chris Brown fan. A LOYAL one. I don't care about his antics. I just care about his talent. I was excited about this album from the time I heard No Bull**** early last summer. His last CD came out in the midst of the Rihanna drama and to be honest....Graffiti was a horrible bunch of mess that was quickly put together and thrown out to the public just not that great. However F.A.M.E. is very much redemption from Graffiti and is reminiscent of the reason why we fell in love with Chris Brown in the first place.

I have played the CD in its entirety about 10 times since yesterday afternoon. It is THAT good to me and I don't get down with a lot of pop sounding R&B. My favorite song of the album has to be Up To You. It is straight R&B crooning. This song will put Trey Songz to bed for a little while. He also gave a musical tribute to Michael Jackson, who is one of his inspirations, on She Ain't You. This song samples Jackson's Human Nature in a very tasteful way. For all of you who want a song that is great for lovemaking, Wet The Bed is the song for you. It features Ludacris and doesn't disappoint when to comes to setting the mood. He also features Justin Bieber in Next To You. In my opinion, this exposes little Justin for how much he CAN'T sing....but you didn't hear that from me. All in all, I'll give it 4.5 stars!
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