Confidence IS Key...

January 12, 2011

So I have been studying for this last attempt at the Mississippi Bar Exam. Needless to say that I am breezing through all of these classes. You wanna know why? Because I know all of this material. There are a few things that I mess up on, but for the most part I know this material. I CAN pass this test next month. I have failed the bar exam twice before. The first time by 4 points and the second time by 10 points. You know what equals 10 points on the bar exam. CONFIDENCE. I have always gone inside that conference room scared as hell. I always doubt myself. That is sabatoging behavior and I know that now. I can quote law off the tip of my toungue. I can tell people exactly where people messed up and exactly why they are going to jail on The First 48. I can do this in my sleep. Somehow those 3 days of testing rip me to shreds.

It always starts a couple of weeks before the test. I always get so nervous and start to think about the pressure that is on me to pass the test. By the time I take the test I am so exhausted from that, I don't have the stamina to make it through three 8-hour days of testing. Not this time. I am going into this with confidence. I have been praying every morning and reading Scripture before I go to class. I do it again before I start my evening study session. I am determined to make it through this time. I have to.

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EricaMyLife said...

You are absolutely right! Confidence is definitely key!
Good luck on your bar exam. Now that you've identified what you've been doing wrong (psyching yourself out) I'm sure you'll do great on it!! :-)

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