My Healthy Hair Journey

November 7, 2010

So I wake one morning about 2 weeks ago and I'm thinking to hair has stopped growing. It is breaking off, it's dry.....what is going on? I am thoroughly convinced that stress has gotten to my hair. Well....that along with not really caring for my hair that much. I must admit that my hair hasn't really been on the top of things-to-do list. I always want it to LOOK good. So I have been doing some quick weaves and using a LOT of heat on my hair to keep it looking decent. The downside is that I have fried the shit out of my hair. I miss my nice, shiny looking, LONG hair. So over the past week or so I have decided that I am going to start a healthy hair journey and implement a hair regimen. Let me tell you....researching about hair is a very, VERY time consuming thing. So many people have differing opinions about what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to do it. So after days of research I decided to join Hairlista, which is a forum for black women who are going through healthy hair journeys of their own with tips and tricks. I also took to YouTube, which led me to Megz's YouTube Channel. They have equipped me with SO much information. The thing that I like about these two sites is that the ladies are RELAXED!!! You hear that can have long and healthy hair WITH a relaxer. I am not planning to go natural anywhere in the near future, so this really tickled my fancy.

In preparation I have bought so many different products. I hope they work. Here is the state of my hair: I am already 4 weeks post relaxer. My next relaxer will be on December 22. I am stretching 11 weeks.....I wanted to do 12.....but I need a fresh Christmas relaxer. I refuse to compromise on that one. I looked up my hair type. I am a type 4a, which in a nutshell means that my hair has a kinky-curly S shaped pattern. I have shoulder length hair. My goal is to have it arm pit length in year's time (which is subject to change because I am always threatening to cut it).

Look at my raggedy lol. Excuse the rolls. Working on that too....see my weight loss challenge, lol.

These are my products for my regimen.

These are my shampoos. I will be washing my hair once a week. I use my ORS shampoo once a month because it's a clarifying shampoo and strips my hair of all buildup. I use my ORS conditioner afterwards. Every other week, I use the Pantene. I deep condition for at least 45 minutes.

These are my leave-in conditioners. I use the Herbal Essences after every wash and the Cantu every night before bed.

These are my oils. I will be experimenting with all of these. I use these to oil my scalp and the seal my hair after I moisturize at night.

These are the products that I use when I use heat on my hair (flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers). I will only be using heat ONCE a month....I hope.

So that's that. I will check back in after my next relaxer. Wish me luck!!!
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