Back From Hiatus.....

September 2, 2010

Sooo.....I took a little bit of a break from blogging. I have been so busy trying to just get my life together that I don't have much energy to blog about it. Well I take that back. I can tweet all day long. But Twitter feeds more into my ADD than a blog does. Sad thing about it is....I write almost everyday. Never hit post. I hate that I do that. Always going to come back in and proof or add or change some things. Rarely do. So I'm gonna do better. Gonna just hit the post button periodically throughout the day. 

I will have a brief confession moment though. I feel sometimes that I struggle to get it together. I had a life goal....a plan of sorts to have the career, the husband, the kids, the lifestyle that I wanted all by the age of 30. Well....I turned 27 last month and I had to come to grips with a lit of things in life. 30 just may come and go and I am going to have to deal with the fact that I am still just working on it. My career....passing the bar exam is still a goal. One that is ever elusive but that I will have licked on the last week of February 2011. I have a good relationship....but no marriage. At least not yet. We aren't ready. Close.....but not yet. So many things that I want to do before have the career on point. Both of us having jobs that don't require a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. (That's a subject for another day.) So no marriage means no kids. I refuse to compromise on that. Accidents happen....and I am prepared for that. I just do everything to reduce the chance of that happening. Lifestyle....well I gotta stop being that travels back to #1.

I am by no means complaining.....I just imagined in May 2005 that my life would be so much different than it is now. Reality is much more harsh than a I'm dealing with it.

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Irendi said...

" Reality is much more harsh than a I'm dealing with it." This just became my facebook status...because it sums up my mentality right now.

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