Random Acts of Kindness and Charity

May 8, 2013

Last night, Boo Thang and I went to Starbucks for a late night frappucino (I'm so spoiled). When we were leaving out of the store, Boo Thang was approached by a young guy. I went and got in the car....as I always do because this could take a while (Boo Thang can chat!). I was noticing that this guy was limping and he had a woman and a little baby with him. After Boo Thang gets in the car, the nosiness takes over and I ask what was up with the guy. Apparently, the guy and his little family just moved here looking for a new opportunity and were living in a hotel. Their money was running out and they were about to get put out of their room that night. He didn't even want cash. He was perfectly content to have someone just go and put money on the room. Now I'm hearing this story as Boo Thang is driving out of the parking lot!!! 

I just wasn't going to feel right in my spirit if that little baby was not going to have a place to sleep and these folks were walking around metro Jackson after dark. I made Boo Thang turn around and go get them!! It was almost $60 for the room, but that is a small price to pay for someone else's safety for the night. I said a little prayer as they piled in the car. We are really softhearted people and this has gotten us into sticky situations before, so I just had to trust that I was doing the right thing. It just felt really good to help them. To feel like I had made a difference even for 24 hours. 

Boo Thang gets to work this morning to tell this story to his co-workers...not in a bragging way, but in a "y'all won't believe what happened last night" way. He just called me and let me know that his office has taken it upon themselves to adopt this family because I made him turn around. They have each given one more night in the hotel. They are getting together clothes and going to buy food and toiletries. According to him, they have forgotten they have have a business to run, lol. He said  "this is the reason why I love you." *blushes* I can't take any credit for this. I just did what I would hope folks would do for me. I'm just proud to know that one random act of kindness turned into so much. I wish them well. 
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