The Turn Around

December 4, 2011

I have not posted a lot.....well at all for the last couple weeks. I have been in the FOULEST of moods over the last couple weeks and I just decided not to infect my blog or my readers with any of that. I have even taken to staying off Twitter in my foul moods. The last thing I want are my virtual peeps to think I'm a bitch lol.

The recruiter for my job called me last week to confirm that I will be starting on January 23rd. Background check came back clear and so did the drug screen. She apologized for all the confusion that was going on on my original start date. This lifted my mood dramatically because in my mind, I didn't know if I was going to get to start at all. They say that "no news is good news"......but I have to know something. Boo Thang and I are definitely apartment hunting after the first of the year. Tentative move out date is the first of March. Hallelujah!! He's ready and I am too.

I have been Christmas shopping for the free. By this I mean, most of the gifts that I am buying people cost me nothing. I got Boo Thang and I new cell phones (Droid Incredible 2) on a Cyber Monday sale. They cost $Free.99. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been threatening to blow FedEx up. These phones shipped Wednesday and have sat on the back of a FedEx truck since Friday morning. I know we live in the boonies right now.....but I need my phones ASAP. I also scored Boo Thang some celebrity swag. A friend of mine is an equipment manager for the Miami Dolphins. Those players get Reebox apparel for days that they don't want. They gave it to him and he's giving it to me for the cost of shipping. Is that winning or what?! Now as far as all the rest of my gifts......well I'll get to that as I can, lol.

All I know is that my mood is great!!


Don said...

If you happen to come across a free iPad2 please let me know.


I notice you're from MS so I stopped by your page. Not many MS bloggers in the blogosphere. Ridgeland, here. Happy to have come across your site. I also followed you on Twitter.

Don said...

I also followed you on Twitter @minusthebars

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