It's Time Out For Fake Revolutionaries

May 2, 2011

Last night while I was watching an episode of Mob Wives (…what? Like you've never watched programming that has dropped your IQ a point or two.), I got a Twitter alert that Obama was going to address the nation. I looked at the clock (9:35 P.M. local time) and was immediately nervous. Then Twitter broke the news first…..they finally killed Osama Bin Laden. IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH!!! I chuckled at the irony that the announcement was made on the 8th anniversary of George W's "Mission Accomplished" speech. Twitter is always a crazy place to be when things like this happen. You get celebrations, amateur political commentary, and jokes. I must say that I love the jokes the most.

What I don't particularly care for is the faction of Twitter I love to call "fake revolutionaries." These people are never happy when it comes to anything about the government, politics, social culture……ANYTHING. However I noticed that they never seem to surface until there is something that creates a buzz. These are just a few of the quotes that were taken from my timeline:

"Osama is dead. Police brutality finally has no reason to exist."

"Yay, Osama is dead. Who needs health care? #missionaccomplished"

"Now the US public education system will prepare our children for the global job market since Bin Laden is dead. o_0"

"I hope people know that just because they got Bin Laden doesn't mean terrorism is over."

Well…..thanks for killing my elation that the military achieved a 10 year old mission. Forgive me for being glued to the TV because there is a little bit of justice right now for some 9/11 families. The thing that kills me is that out of those 4 things that were said above, three of them only need a little bit of community and national activism. I don't see these people out there doing anything of relevance except complaining. Is that what social networking has become? A place to gripe and complain. I guess folks figure that as long as they are actively complaining that they don't have to do any of the ground work ourselves. It's time out for fake revolutionaries. Be about the change that you seek. Actively work for those things. Mad about police brutality. Do something about it. Mad about health care? Lobby your congressmen. Worried about public education? Volunteer in your local schools, join the PTA, and do us all a favor and actually raise your children. The point is stop hiding behind the computer screen… one really hears you.

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Bookworm Diva said...

I think we all have followers like that...which is a crying shame! :)

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