My Weight Loss Journey

October 5, 2010

Today I did it. I started my new diet. Yea, I know. Women are always trying to lose weight for some reason or another. This one is way more than for aestethics. I am 5'1". I weigh 190 pounds. I am WAY too short to weight that much. I looked on one of those magical charts that they have in doctors' offices and it said that I should probably weigh around 127. What?! I haven't weighed that since high school.....that was 9 years ago. I gained about 10 pounds since June. Yea....that weight correlates with the my mother's death. So now it's turnaround time. As much as I love and miss my mother....I don't want to see her NO TIME SOON. So operation lose 50 pounds has started today. I have purchased Alli and have gotten a weight loss action plan and everything. I am focus. My plan is for 6 months, so I am really excited as to how this is going to work out. I can see myself now......fine as hell for the Supreme Court swearing in ceremony in April. The only thing stopping me is me. So here goes!
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