30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 1 – Your Best Friend

August 12, 2010

Dear Best Friend,
We have known each other what seems like forever. I remember the day that I met you. We were fast enemies, lol. Then we bonded over someone that we couldn’t stand more than we didn’t like each other. Funny how those things work....good old junior high. That was 15 years ago!!! To this day when anyone asks who my best friend is I still call your name.
Truth of the matter is that I miss the way that we used to be close. I used to be able to call and talk to you about ANYTHING under the sun. You used to do the same. Somewhere in there things changed. I realized that the first time that we have talked all of 2010 was the day that my mom passed. You moved back to Mississippi shortly after that and my dad had to tell me that. I had no idea. We have made plans to get together several times to chat it up and I am still waiting on all of those return phone calls. I can’t say that I am totally innocent. I haven’t called as much either. It has been hard to get in contact with you on many occasions. Instead of waiting by the phone, I just moved on the next person. I feel as though I let the distance between us grow because I was tired of bridging the gap on my own.
Our lifestyles are different: you like to go out a lot, I’m more of a homebody. You’re Greek….I’m SO not. But we have been so different all of our lives so I figured nothing would change that. I still love you and you are still the big brother I never had. I just wish that sometimes I had more of an active relationship. Maybe one day when life grants, we will cross paths (seeing as though there are only 30 miles between us now, sooner rather than later) and rekindle a great friendship. I just wish I knew what was going on with you.
All my love,
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