A Week In....

January 31, 2012

I've been at my new job for a whole week now! *happy dances* I have some slight observations already.

1. Training is VERY boring. I think it would be a lot better once we start getting into the practical parts of it....like the computer systems.

2. God blessed me with the gift of figuring things out quickly. He gave other people different gifts. That's all I'm going to say. I'm working on not being so.....brash this year.

3. My benefits and perks package is SWEET! Discounts on travel, gym memberships, phone service, PLUS affordable health, dental and vision. I died and went to heaven.

4. This call center is a little messy. That's fine...as long as my check clears and the commissions keep rolling.

All in all, I'm having fun. Meeting new people is great. The best part is that Boo Thang and I are T-minus 2 months from our own spot. As soon as my probationary period up.....FREEDOM!


Michelle said...

Hi There! Came across your blog on the Triberr website. I can so relate to numbers 1 and 2. Good luck on the new job!

Dr. Cassandra Hawkins said...

Good luck at the new job. Ex works at a call center. The mess is REAL and can lead to so much! STAY AWAY. LOL Enjoy the good life of 2012.

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