The Chris Brown/Rihanna Incident

March 12, 2009

"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up." - James Baldwin

So since February 8, the brutal fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna has been on everyone's news and entertainment channels. Everyone knows all of the details that the police know...hell even things that haven't been officially reported make their way into the gossip rags. Honestly at this point, I am kinda tired of hearing about it because it seems that the media has taken it a little too far in their coverage of the situation. But here's my two cents anyway.

The night of the Grammy's - when the shit hit the fan - my mother called me on the phone asking me if I had heard about. She knows that whenever she hears an entertainment rumor that I am immediately going to do an extensive internet search for the answer. Me and my boyfriend were looking it up and lo and behold! There it was. I must admit for the first 72 hours or so I prayed that this was something that the media beefed up too much. I hoped in my heart of hearts that it wasn't true. So after he apologized, I thought "maybe it wasn't as bad as the reports know how the media overdoes things." So then I saw the pictures of her face and my next thought was, "Chris Brown is kinda cute so I hope he is already practicing how not to drop the soap in jail."

I'm sorry....that was kind of mean. But seriously I don't feel like there is ever a situation where people in relationships should ever be beating up on each other. In my opinion, if the relationship has gotten to the point where you have to put your hands on your significant other to get your point across....the moment where the relationship should have ended passed a minute before you took the first swing.

I feel sorry for the both of them. Both of their careers are essentially least for the near future. There is so much talk about Rihanna losing the support of young girls everywhere because she is supposed to be such a strong woman and was marketed as such. That is so sad. Being marketed as a "strong woman" and being such are two very different animals. Doesn't Beyonce' have an alter ego to help her deal with celebrity craziness? Maybe that was Rihanna's strong force. People everywhere are mad at her for reconciling with Chris Brown and are trashing her CDs and are making her out to be a villain in her own right. I can admit that I was upset myself, but i have come to the conclusion that most people haven't yet. Rihanna is going through a very personal, private issue in a VERY public way. Everyone knows someone who is in relationship that is toxic. It may be your sister, mother, best friend, aunt or whoever. No matter what happens you let that person know that you are there for them no matter what. You may not agree with their choices but you always let them know that they have an ally in you. Turning our back on her isolates her more into what could be a possibly dangerous situation for her. Think about it. Pray for her....then get back to your life and let them handle it.

I hope he is sorry and never does it again. Studies may tell a different story....but I am always willing to be proved wrong. What about you?

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